Lékařská konzultace

We invite you to take advantage of medical cannabis consultations aimed at people looking for reliable knowledge and experience in the field of cannabis therapy. Medical cannabis consultations will allow for a completely safe therapy carried out under the supervision of an appropriate specialist.

We work with several Polish cannabis clinics, where we register online, telephone or stationary visits in Poland (Warsaw, Krakow). Thanks to such solutions, you do not have to travel when your health does not allow you to do so – make an appointment online. You will receive all benefits, including e-prescription, electronically.

Specialist doctors will conduct your cannabis therapy based on hemp pharmaceutical products. If you need help with cannabis therapy, specialist advice, certificates, prescription medicine, we invite you to register with our specialists, who will help you choose the right medicine and the right dose of medical marijuana.

Our activity is supported and recommended by the National Center for Public Health and Hygiene “Institute of Health in Warsaw”.

lekarskie konsultacje konopne

Patient registrations are conducted for the following specializations:

  • oncology,
  • neurology,
  • anesthesiology,
  • psychiatry,
  • psychology,
  • gynecology.

Hemp specialists:

  • dr n. med. Stanisław Teleśnicki – specialist psychiatrist,
  • dr n. med. Ewgenij Mozgunow – anesthesiologist, intensive care,
  • lek. Marcin Rybak – specialist psychiatrist,
  • lek. Patrycja Wiktor-Mucha – clinical oncologist, palliative care,
  • lek. Tomasz Kupiec – specialist in anaesthesiology and intensive care,
  • lek. Marek Kodymowski – cannabis specialist,
  • lek. Anna Sugajska – clinical oncologist,
  • lek. Ada Nowatorska-Bourget – clinical oncologist,
  • lek. Piotr Huber – medical rehabilitator,
  • mgr Magdalena Foryś-Jakubowska – psychologist,
  • Jarosław Stadnik – cannabis therapist.

Medical cannabis consultation – price list:

  • the first consultation ranges from PLN 200 to PLN 250,
  • continuation of therapy (control visit) from PLN 80 to 180,
    Prices depend on the choice of specialization and the form of consultation (online, phone or stationary).

The service includes:

  • consultations: stationary, telephone or online,
  • issuing a certificate of medical marijuana therapy,
  • issuing recommendations on the dosage of cannabis preparations.

Registration is made:

  • through our liveczat,
  • electronically by e-mail available on the CONTACT page.